Make skills work

We blur the lines between learning and working. Offering the only full service solution to make skills work within your organisation. Platform, content and services to make skills work. Our unique blend of work and learning is seamlessly integrated into your workflow.

Embrace the future with us - where learning meets working, where skills become power.

Connecting learning to work

  • We are your growth partners. Our learning ecosystem approach brings all your learning resources together in one place. We bridge skill gaps, empowering you and your people to thrive​​.
  • Komensky maps roles to skills, streamlining your career framework and skill building paths. We ensure easy access to learning resources. We are your key to a simplified, efficient learning process​​.
  • Data-driven. Not sure where to allocate training resources? Let Komensky guide you. With our data-driven approach we highlight skill gaps and optimise your investments. Leading to targeted growth and enhanced efficiency​.

One catalogue for all your learning content

  • Personalised learning paths. Need a tailor-made learning journey for each employee? Komensky delivers and curates customised, structured, and interactive content for a unique and engaging learning experience​​.
  • Skill-based learning catalogue. Empower your people with tailored, growth-focused learning resources, expert feedback, and peer reviews.
  • Proprietary, paid and public content. Embrace limitless learning opportunities with our extensive, diverse content libraries - because at Komensky, we believe in potential without boundaries. We connect and reuse what you have. No need to start from scratch!

Become a
skills-based organisation

  • Learning content services. Customisable learning modules tailored to individual and your business needs to develop skills where it's most needed. We offer help for comprehensive content planning for the future of work.
  • Skills development strategy services. Leverage our smart skill engine to assess workforce skills, identify growth areas, and set practical goals for targeted skills development.
  • Learning engagement services. Implement a comprehensive, structured learning ecosystem with diverse engaging formats to cater to various learning preferences and enhance engagement and skill development.

Unlocking skill based progress

Our proven approach is efficient and effective. Curious to see what we can do for you?

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This felt like a genuine partnership rather than a typical client/vendor relationship.

Jonathan Tyndall
Head of programs

We have become heavy users of Komensky across our entire team. It has increased our sales team’s performance substantially and we are incorporating it into more and more of our routines every week

Desmond Eagle
Sales & Marketing Director

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Mark Nittlewater
Sales & Marketing Director

We have become heavy users of Komensky across our entire team. It has increased our sales team’s performance substantially and we are incorporating it into more and more of our routines every week

Rex Biberston
Sales & Marketing Director

The benefits of using Komensky

Benefits for employees

One Stop Learning

All your learning resources in one place. From trainings, e-learning, podcasts, books, videos, to experts, coaches, mentors, communities, jobs, internships, assignments, events and more.

Personalised Growth Path

Experience a learning journey tailored to your personal growth, whether you're looking to excel in your current role or transition to a new one.

Skill Gap Bridging

Effectively close your skill gaps and unlock your full potential with Komensky's smart, goal-oriented learning ecosystem. Choose your own development goals.

Benefits for experts


Boost professional reputation. Showcase and enhance your expertise through Komensky's capability academy.


Expand your network. Connect with peers and broaden your professional network using Komensky's capability academy.


Preserve expert knowledge. Securely store and share your expert knowledge with others.

Benefits for organisations


Data-driven recommendations. Leverage data analytics to improve your organisation performance.


Efficient workforce management. Manage your workforce efficiently with actionable insights.


Scalable learning. Implement scalable learning solutions to enhance your workforce's skills.

Benefits for human relations

One dashboard

Standardised data. Gain access to standardised data in one dashboard for informed decision-making.


Compliance assurance. Ensure compliance with deadline setting for mandatory training.

Measurable growth

Measurable growth. Drive measurable growth with optimised learning strategies.