Skill building platform

Unlock ease with Komensky. Say goodbye to HR hassles as we clear the path for skill-based learning. Data-driven, adaptive and easy to use. Komensky is your partner for growth and efficiency.
Our learning eco-system eradicates HR complexities giving you a hassle-free, skill-focused learning environment. Adaptive and data-driven. We optimise growth and operational efficiency for you.

Skill based learning

Cultivating mastery with skill-based learning. We take skill-based learning to the next level. Our platform boasts a mix of proprietary tracks, carefully curated content and an extensive library of open resources, ensuring a unique and engaging learning experience for each user. Our platform goes beyond traditional learning methods. It offers a blend of structured content, interactive media to cater to every learning preference. With our personalised approach, your people will master new skills at their own pace in a clean, engaging UI.

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Skill validation

Unleashing potential with skill validation. Unlock the full potential of your people with our benchmarked skill validation feature. We don't just identify the skills your team already excel at; we illuminate the gaps and provide actionable recommendations to propel your company forward. We evaluates individual skill levels, sets ambitious yet achievable goals and curate a library of relevant content that serves as the stepping stone to your people's success.

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Skill mobility

Powering progress with skill mobility. Empower your people to own their professional growth. Our platform encourages exploration of new skill avenues, catalysing mobility within your organisation. Thanks to our platform every team member is equipped with a tailored personal profile that nudges them towards relevant learning opportunities. The ability to effortlessly discover new skills and career paths drives your people's skill mobility and provides actionable insights for strategic workforce planning.

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Key features of Komensky

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Streamlined Learning Journey

  • HR systems and learning processes are simplified and integrated.
  • Skill-based learning paths are clear and efficient.
  • Learning resources are made accessible and measurable.

Data-Driven Approach

  • Uses data to highlight skill gaps within an organisation
  • Optimises training investments based on data analysis.
  • Provides insights for targeted growth and efficiency enhancement.

Skill Validation

  • Identifies the skills your people already excel at.
  • Highlights areas where growth is possible.
  • Provides actionable recommendations to propel your bussiness forward.

Skill Mobility

  • Encourages exploration of new skills.
  • Promotes mobility within your business.
  • Facilitates the discovery of new career paths.

Frequently asked questions

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Komensky allows for personal goal setting within its learning plans. Making skill building aligned with each employee’s career development objectives and mobility.

Komensky uses its smart skill engine to effectively map roles to relevant skills, ensuring that learning resources are matched with the appropriate job roles and descriptions.

Komensky is a skill-building learning ecosystem that boosts personal and organisational growth, addressing skill gaps and fostering skill-based development.

Komensky fosters growth through personalised learning plans that include goal setting and skill building, catering to each persons career development.

Yes, Komensky empowers employees to discover new skills, encouraging skill mobility and professional growth within the organisation.

Komensky provides data-driven insights to pinpoint skill gaps within an organization, ensuring training resources are invested efficiently and targeted where they're needed most.

Yes, Komensky is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing HR systems, streamlining processes and creating a more efficient learning environment.