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Learn with Komensky. We offer you tailored learning journeys, all the content you need and skill-building for a business destined to grow. With Komensky, you gain access to a learning ecosystem with all the resources that foster a culture of continuous learning. Expert insights, personalised content and a limitless library.

Everything you need.

Our skill-based learning catalogue

One skill-based learning catalogue. Discover a world of truly relevant and personalised learning. We seamlessly integrate all available learning content into one catalogue. Inspire your people to define their personal and professional development goals. We recommend the right content to uncover your people's potential, close skill gaps, and propel your business forward.  

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Proprietary content

Proprietary content. With our intuitive authoring environment, you create engaging content to fast-track learning for your people. Based on expert knowledge, we create impactful formats and a streamlined academy setup. This makes learning rich in context and suited for your business. Your content in our clean and user friendly platform. Easy.

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Paid content

Paid content. You invest in your team's future with premium learning resources. We integrate them in our platform and curate it with your context in mind. No need to retire content you already have. We make a comprehensive library of all available paid content that provides value for your people. A vital asset to your business' growth and success.

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Public content

Public content. Expand your learning horizons with our diverse open content libraries. We support a wide variety of publicly available and best-in-market resources, enabling a rich, diverse learning experience. With Komensky, your people's learning experience is as limitless as their potential.

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Key content features

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All learning resources in one clear catalogue

  • One place to find all available learning, from micro-learnings to videos, from podcasts to assessments.
  • Quickly find skill-based learning opportunities such as vacancies, projects, smart jobs and gigs.
  • Easily attend synchronous learning activities through events, webinars and communities.

Carefully curated by highly skilled experts

  • Browse learning content carefully curated by experts to guide your learning and skill development.
  • Get quick insights before diving into deeper skill building.
  • Experience innovative formats and personal experiences fron experts that keep you engaged.

Focused on your key business capabilities

  • Focus on building lasting capabilities over time, rather than participating in isolated training without context.
  • Follow recent and relevant developments on specific capabilities for practical skill development.
  • Become competent and successful in key industry skills.

Offering only what is relevant to you

  • Find content recommendations based on your unique skill gap.
  • Select interventions specific to your skill proficiency level and progress.
  • Adjust your personal development goals to discover the best learning content from the catalogue.

Frequently asked questions

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Komensky fosters growth through personalised learning plans that include goal setting and skill building, catering to each persons career development.

Yes, Komensky empowers employees to discover new skills, encouraging skill mobility and professional growth within the organisation.

Yes, Komensky offers a mix of your own (purchased) content, proprietary tracks, various opportunities and an extensive library of open resources, ensuring a unique and engaging learning experience for each user.