Bridging the gap between formal and informal learning processes

Blending learning and work for a future-ready workforce

Learning is a universal phenomenon that takes place everywhere, both inside and outside organisations. It occurs in both formal and informal settings. But how do we measure these informal learning processes? How do we ensure that formal and informal learning processes reinforce each other? Komensky's skill-based ecosystem aims to address these questions and more, enhancing the learning and development experience within organisations.

The Paradox of Learning Processes

Most organisations have a learning management system (LMS) in place. However, these systems are not particularly adept at supporting and making informal learning processes visible. This leads to an intriguing situation: we invest significant resources in formal training and courses, yet the most vital learning processes largely occur out of our sight; in informal settings. This paradox underscores a key challenge: we want to understand the returns on our investments in learning, but can only measure what falls within our purview.

Introducing a Skill-based Learning Platform

To gain insight into this, it's crucial that a platform brings together all development opportunities within an organization, standardizing both formal and informal learning processes. This is where Komensky's Skills Platform comes in. It allows every employee to create their own 'skill signature', a unique profile based on their skills. This hyper-personalised overview includes the skills you already possess, the skills you aim to develop, and the skills you offer to assist others in their development. Moreover, it highlights any skills you lack for a role you aspire to and indicates the extent to which you truly master a skill.

The Skills Platform features a catalogue of learning materials tailored to each employee's skill profile. This catalogue includes an organisation's own learning content, paid external training and courses as well and open learning content. By 'content', we mean all formal and informal development opportunities available to an employee. These range from formal training and e-learning courses to videos, podcasts, articles, books, and particularly events, learning communities, experts, mentors, coaches, smart jobs, gigs, internships, and vacancies.

Harnessing Data for Scalable Employee Development

The platform offers a scalable and data-driven approach to managing employee development. It ensures that formal and informal learning processes contribute visibly and integrally to the development of business capabilities. Moreover, it provides insight into the distribution of skills within the organisation. Enabling you to carry out targeted interventions to future-proof your employees.

Navigating the Skills Landscape

There might be numerous questions about how skills work in practice. How do you collect data on informal learning processes? How do skills benefit the employee? How do you integrate with existing systems? What do you need to support skills within your organization? How do skills promote a learning culture? Komensky is designed to answer these queries. Providing a robust framework for nurturing a culture of continuous learning and development. By harmonising formal and informal learning, it paves the way for a more productive, engaged, and future-ready workforce.

Discover more about Komensky's skill-based ecosystem and start your organisation's transformation today. Welcome to the future of learning and development :)



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