Building a Strong HR Foundation: The Power of Job Architecture

Building a Strong HR Foundation: The Power of Job Architecture

At Komensky, we've seen how the global pandemic has sped up the use of new technologies across many sectors, including Human Resources (HR). Many businesses have used this time to improve their processes, update old systems, and introduce new tools to help them recover after Covid. But this fast change has also brought some challenges.

The facts

A study by PwC found that 82% of organisations had problems when they tried to use new HR technologies. Many of these problems happened because the right people weren't involved in the planning stages to answer important questions about big changes.

We at Komensky believe that without a strong foundation, trying to use many different HR technologies and building a tech stack can cause more problems than it solves. We've seen that if problems aren't sorted out at the start, they can lead to bigger and more complicated challenges later.

Where to start?

A good place to start is with your job architecture. This is the structure or hierarchy of jobs within an organisation. It's an updated version of what used to be called job classification, and now includes job levels, titles, grades, how people progress in their careers and how they are rewarded.

We know that having a well-structured, detailed job architecture framework helps organisations to quickly adapt to changes in the global economy.

Workplaces are changing fast

Technology is making many skills redundant, while at the same time creating a high demand for others. Employees want flexibility and career advancement and are willing to change jobs often to get these.

We believe that a well-structured job architecture helps to create agility, consistency, and transparency.


IT supports all the key HR processes that are currently top priorities for organisations, helping them to:

- Create clear career progression paths.

- Identify and communicate career pathways to employees.

- Understand their skills landscape in detail.

- Align jobs after a merger or acquisition.

- Make sure their HR tech works effectively.

Komensky helps you

At Komensky, we understand that reviewing your organisation's job architecture framework can seem like a big task. We've worked with organisations that have spent more than a year months this task manually. If it takes this long, then by the time you've finished, it's probably out of date. Keeping a manual process up to date and governed creates more challenges.

That's where Komensky comes in. We offer you tech that helps you manage the complexity of governing your jobs and job architecture. We help you create a structured, up-to-date catalogue of all roles linked to skills across your organisation.

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