From Content Chaos to Smart Technology

What do you want to learn in your job? And how do you start?

The first question is for you to answer. For the second, Komensky can help, as every company has chances for learning and growing. But, employees often don’t know where to start, can’t find the right learning stuff, or get lost in too much information.

Let’s look at two examples:

Example 1:

Say you want to learn more about data analysis and storytelling. You ask around and someone suggests a platform - but the access is in a different department. A colleague mentions a workshop series at another company saying, “You can definitely ask for a quote there.” There are also in-house data experts, but you can’t find them on SharePoint. You find a 'Data Literacy' module on SharePoint, but it’s very basic. The advanced module is on a site you can’t access, but an email chat with HR gets you to the Data department.

Example 2:

You got promoted to team leader recently. Your boss likes your work but sees room for improvement. You agree, wanting to better your leadership skills. Your boss tells you to check the Learning Management System (LMS) for resources. You find over 500 results, which feels overwhelming.

This mess is what we call content chaos.

It's a problem for employees and Learning & Development (L&D) folks who want to help. In theory, there are many learning resources and methods in many companies. From structured stuff like e-learning, classroom training, to more casual learning like job shadowing, mentoring, and feedback. But it’s all confusing, hard to find, or you just can’t access it.

Komensky helps by putting all ‘learning content’ in one spot in our learning ecosystem. These resources are easy to access through the Learning Experience Platform (LXP). Easy to find and access: check!

I find it important to include casual learning resources like experts, mentors, events, and current smart jobs. All content is neatly tied to skills, important topics, and roles in your company, making it easy to manage. Overview: check.

As an employee, the LXP is your go-to place for learning. You can search and filter based on what you need, follow important themes to get the latest insights and training every month, or pick a skill or role to aim for (like getting better at 'Motivating Others' or becoming a 'Data Analyst'), and Komensky will give you specific recommendations.

Now you won’t wonder, “Where should I start?” or “Which skill should I work on first?”. You’re welcome!

I’m Ilse, a Learning & Content Specialist at Komensky. I help people learn to do better, succeed, and enjoy their work. I believe in a hands-on approach, where you learn from real-life experiences. Trying things out, making mistakes, thinking them over, and tweaking are key to successful learning.

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