Say ‘Hi’ to Komensky strategic capability pages

Say ‘Hi’ to our strategic capability pages

Welcome to a new chapter in the story of business learning. Let me introduce you to ‘Strategic Capability Pages’. Inspired by Josh Bersin. Imagine spaces where employees can really get to grips with the skills they need, skills that are in line with what the business is all about. A place where people want to come and learn. Want one? We have them!

What's This All About: Strategic Capability Pages Explained

You might also hear Strategic Capability Pages being referred to as capability academies, training academies, skills academies, or talent academies. They're all part of the same idea - a new kind of learning platform. The goal? To provide an environment where employees can develop the skills that the business really needs. It's a way to address the ever-growing skills gap and talent crisis, making sure that L&D efforts are moving in the same direction as the business.

Why It's A Good Thing

What's unique about Strategic Capability Pages is that they go beyond normal training or everyday learning. They're about deep upskilling. They focus on group learning, plotting career paths, mapping skills, and actually putting these skills into practice and getting feedback. The best bit? Any business, big or small, in any industry, can make use of them, thanks to the wonders of technology.

How To Create Your Own Strategic Capability Pages with Komensky

We're really excited about Strategic Capability Pages here at Komensky. We see them as a fantastic way to encourage a culture of continual learning and development. Komensky offers a range of services to help you create and maintain your Strategic Capability Pages on whatever capability you like:

- Skills Strategy: We take a deep look at your workforce's skills, identifying key skill profiles and the hard and soft skills needed for success.

- Catalogue Management: We help you understand what learning content you already have and what you might be missing, helping you create a learning catalogue that really makes a difference.

- Curation as a Service: We offer high-impact, interactive content, carefully selected to meet the diverse learning needs of your business.

- Insights & Analytics: We use data to help you succeed, offering valuable insights that go deeper than standard metrics and get into the details of your learning strategies.

Did not notice yet? We love strategic capability pages. They won't just help with the skills gaps you have now but will prepare your organisation for future learning needs.

Want to know how we run strategic capability pages at a variety of companies? Get in touch, we’ll show you the way.

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