The prepared environment: The Komensky approach to corporate learning

Montessori x Komensky?

This one is personal

Prior to joining Komensky, I was deeply immersed in the Montessori method. I served as a board member at a Montessori primary school for 5 years, where I was responsible for devising the learning strategy for years 1-6. Next to that I had the privilege of being a founding member of a new Montessori high school, coaching new hires on the Montessori method. This extensive background in Montessori education has provided me with many insights, many of which I have found to be applicable in my current role at Komensky. Shortly after starting at Komensky, I was struck by the striking similarities between our approach to learning and the Montessori method.

Dr. Maria Montessori disrupted traditional pedagogy by advocating for a learner-centric approach. Her 'prepared environment' fostered curiosity and encouraged self-learning. At Komensky I see many parallels between this method and our own platform, where we stimulate curiosity and independence in skill development. 

Intentional and learner-centric

Skill-based learning is central to Komensky's approach to corporate training. We focus on developing actionable skills that employees can apply directly to their roles. By streamlining your learning journey, we create clear and efficient skill-based learning paths tailored to your organizations needs. 

This where it 'clicked' for me. The concept of a 'prepared environment' is a shared principle that bridges Montessori's philosophy with Komensky's platform approach. We see the environment as a critical component in facilitating independent, self-driven learning and the development of applicable skills. Montessori's prepared environment is an intentional and learner-centric space. At Komensky, this concept is transformed into a digital platform that fosters exploration and independence, illuminating skill gaps and providing actionable recommendations to propel your company forward. 

Cultivating autonomy and mastery

Our platform serves as a 'prepared environment' for skill-based learning. We've created a sophisticated system filled with practical resources, tools, and opportunities for practice. This platform serves as a space where employees can define and refine their skills.

Just like Montessori, Komensky aims to promote independence and skill mastery. In our 'prepared environment', learners explore, practice, and learn at their own pace. This autonomy cultivates a sense of responsibility, boosts confidence, and fosters independence, while also enabling learners to gain skills and ultimately achieving skill mastery.

Turns out, our platform embodies the concept of the prepared learning environment, facilitating self-directed learning and skill development. We empower employees with the skills they need to navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape confidently and competently.

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